31 Arno Oneli Street,

Hostel Oni is a perfect place to stay, try delicious Rachian cuisine and experience the wonderful hospitality of the people from Racha. Ana and Gio Kobakhidze’s hostel has a garden full of home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and grapes. The Kobakhidze family have their own wine from both the Saperavi and Khvanchkara types, which is the most typical for the region. The family has rich culinary traditions, as you can try the best Rachian ham. The place is also a true heaven for veggie lovers. If you like tea this is the place for you: Gio who works at the border control, picks some rare Caucasian tea herbs, which you will not find anywhere else. Hostel Onigram is the best place to have a rest and experience the cheerful bustle of a local household.