Ghebi-Sartsivisdziri red trail info: Length 17km (from Ghebi). This is an easy route for hiking, horseriding and off-road driving.
Leading through the picturesque valley of Rioni and Zopkhituri through the villages of Chiora, Ghebi and Tevresho, this easy route takes you to the far end of Racha. Camping in the almost entirely untouched natural surroudings by Mt. Uvali is an unforgettable experience. At the end of the route you will find settlements of geologists who used to work in the local gold mines. Seasonal difficulties such as avalanches, high waters and wild animals must be considered.

ATTENTION: The Permission of the Georgian Border Authorities is needed in order to avoid fines due to illegal border crossings. It is possible to get the permission in Oni and in Gona, however we recommend you complete all the formalities in Oni before starting your trip.
Border Police in Oni: Baazovi str. 169 (+995) 591 915692