Real Rachuli cuisine must be tasted in Racha. Home grown vegetables, traditionally prepared dairy products and mountain reared animals are at heart of the Rachveli cuisine. Simple, local food is a way of celebrating life close to nature and respecting what it gives.

There are several highlights such as:
Rachuli Lobiani, or kidney bean bread is the most delicious dish in Racha. It is prepared differently in each part of Georgia but in Racha it has its own characteristics. Rachuli lobiani has a big shape and is filled with beans boiled in ham.
Shkmeruli, fried chicken cooked in milk and garlic in a clay dish. Sour cream can be used instead of milk. It contains various spices.
Ham – Racha is famous for its delicious ham. Due to its unique characteristics it is very popular all over the world. Very often it is boiled and served alongside other dishes. The smoking process starts in November and the Ham is ready to be eaten in January.
Milk – other specialties include cheese and matsoni, sour milk often served with buckwheat. The climate and soil of high Racha is perfect for growing beans and potatoes, whilst the forests and meadows are full of mushrooms and herbs.
Tea – picked high in the mountains, white rhododendron leaves are served as tea and called “Deka”.