Chiora-Notsara blue trail info: Length 19km (from Chiora). Moderate route for a few days of hiking or horseriding.
This is an easy trail leading through Chiora village, over two passes to a charming camp by Mt. Burjula. With good weather one can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the main Caucasus. Sasvanogori, with the highest peaks of Svanetia, the mountains around Sartsividziri, Chanchaki, Tbilisa, peaks of Osetia and the valley of Rioni can all be seen. For those interested in longer trips, a further unmarked path leads to Glola through Modrekila. This route is an opportunity for truly spectacular views and an undisturbed time in nature.

ATTENTION: The Permission of the Georgian Border Authorities is needed in order to avoid fines due to illegal border crossings. It is possible to get the permission in Oni and in Gona, however we recommend you complete all the formalities in Oni before starting your trip.
Border Police in Oni: Baazovi str. 169 (+995) 591 915692