Chiora-Gona yellow trail info: Length 19km (from Chiora). Moderate route for a few days of hiking or horseriding.
Gona is must see during any jeep tour in Racha region because of the impressive summit which inspires many photographers. There are no guesthouses except in Ghebi, so If you plan to visit make sure it is sunny. If you are not staying there with locals, or you are not camping, plan to visit in the morning or in the evening when visibility is better. The views of the summits are quite spectacular especially in June/July/October. Locked in winter by snow, Gona is located 1700m above sea level, 7-8km from Ghebi Village which is a base for many remarkable hikes in Racha region.

ATTENTION: The Permission of the Georgian Border Authorities is needed in order to avoid fines due to illegal border crossings. It is possible to get the permission in Oni and in Gona, however we recommend you complete all the formalities in Oni before starting your trip.
Border Police in Oni: Baazovi str. 169 (+995) 591 915692