Oni Municipality is situated in Racha – Lechkhumi and the Lower Svaneti region. Originally, Oni was part of Racha County in the Kutaisi governorate.

The town of Oni is the administrative center. It is situated on the left bank of the river Rioni from at 830 m. Communities in the district include Ghebi, Glola, Tchiora, Utsera, Gomi, Komandeli, Kvashkhieti, Mravaldzali, Pipileti, Sakao, Parakheti, Ghari, Sheubani, Shkmeri, Tskhmori and Tsedisi.
The distance to Tbilisi is 250 km. It is mentioned in historical sources from the XV century onwards. The importance of Oni increased in the Middle Ages when roads from the North Caucasus, Kartli, Imereti and Lower Racha were joined in Oni region.

Archaeological excavations have proven that Oni was once a part of the legendary Colchis Kingdom. Bronze axes and Colchis tetri coins were found in Racha, particularly in the area surrounding Oni. Oni has a lot of interesting sites to visit. The medieval city wall and synagogue are well-preserved in the town. When Jews fled from Europe, some of them came to Georgia. Many still consider Georgia to be their second homeland because they were welcomed warmly and friendly. Living in different regions of Georgia they contributed a lot to the economic and cultural development of the country. They built synagogues and they kept their religion.