When: August
The festival Artra uses existing exhibition spaces of museums and cultural institutions in the regional centres of Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti regions. Local public schools, art schools, teachers and pupils are involved in the festival to foster active participation of the young generation in art initiatives. The festival seeks supporters who from their side try to convey their thoughts and experiences between the past and future.
“Three neighboring mountainous regions of Georgia are involved in a continuous chain of three dimensional concept of time. The experience of past, brought by time, painfully perceives the changes. This process is the source of impulses for artists. If the works, created by them today are interesting for the future generation, it means that our present has survived. Artifacts discovered on the territory of Georgia survived the peculiar culture and traditions of different regions of our country. Our aim is to build the bridge between our past and future which will be the platform for dialogue. With this help, tradition and innovation, old and new, modern vision and readiness for the future challenges will naturally fit to each other. We wish to give the new concept to the public and alternative spaces and with the active coparticipation of local artists.”